David Hemphill

Headed to Microconf 2017

This year's been a crazy one for several reasons:

One could say I'm still recovering. So I've found myself back to doing full-time web development consulting. I've also spent nearly all of my free time working to launch my next product, Crondog.

Design and development are what I do. They have their challenges, but aren't particularly hard any more. But launching, sustaining, and growing a real software business is something I've yet to be able to do with any success.

That's why I'm headed to Microconf 2017. I'm looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I can't wait to pick the brains of folks much smarter than I when it comes to building software companies.

This is something I've never done--I've only ever been to technical conferences. On paper it's a risky investment, considering I'm working with an unsteady cashflow situation. However, I believe the results, though they may be intangible or time-delayed, will be tremendous. This represents a purposeful, concerted effort to grow the parts of my skillset that are weakest.

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