Announcing Valet Lite

TL;DR: I'm launching Valet Lite, the easiest local Laravel development platform for macOS very soon. You can get beta access by signing up for the Valet Lite Beta Insiders Newsletter.

The Good Ole Days

I started my development career using things like WAMP, MAMP, and local webserver from frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django.

It's not news that I love GUI's. I remember the "good old days", when you could pop open CSSEdit, and Espresso and get to work on you newest web development project. Apps are better than the command line.

These days things are simpler with tools like Laravel Valet, but I still find myself using the command line more than I like. I was a designer before I grew my development chops, so I can appreciate a nice GUI.

Getting My Hands Dirty

A few months back, frustrated with mucking about the command line, I started looking into building an app to act as a front-end for Laravel Valet. I cracked open a fresh Electron project, and got my prototype feature-complete in about a week. I called it Valet Pro and it looked like this:

Valet Pro

After using this for a few week or so, I decided to stop working on it. Why? Because, while it was nice, it didn't quite accomplish what I wanted. I didn't really want a front-end for a CLI tool. I was tired of fooling around with Homebrew and its dependencies. I wanted the app itself to bundle multiple versions of PHP, handle SSL, test domain names, etc.

Starting Over

So I cracked open another fresh Electron project, got to work and came up with what I'm calling "Valet Lite". I even teased it on Twitter. I've been using it exclusively for over two months, and I'm proud to say I accomplished my goal. It's really stable and almost ready for prime-time. I've been using this along with DBngin, and have been very happy with my development experience.

Most of my current work has been working on buying a domain, building a little marketing site, figuring out licensing, application packaging and updating...all of those "business" concerns.

But I'm happy to say...it's almost ready for everyone else to use too. Here's a pic of what it looks like:

Valet Lite

Valet Lite is an all-in-one solution for building your applications.

  • No need to manage Homebrew (Valet Lite handles that stuff for you)
  • Serves both Laravel and Wordpress projects
  • Comes with multiple PHP versions bundled
  • Intelligently handles choosing ports for your servers
  • Serves all sites with SSL by default
  • Automatically serves your sites at .test domains
  • Supports Dark Mode (of course!)

I'm excited to launch this very soon! I hope it helps old and new developers alike quickly get started building their ideas.

Would you like to get your hands on this app and help me test it out? Sign up for the Valet Lite Beta Insiders Newsletter.

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