David Hemphill

Who is this guy?

I’m a product designer and full stack developer living in Springfield, MO. I’ve been working on the web for over 10 years, and I still love it. You can tell by the look on my face.

You can find me on Twitter: @davidhemphill

David Hemphill

Taylor Otwell and I built Laravel Nova, an admin dashboard for developers.

I also make PushSilver, a simple invoicing app and Crondog, a service for scheduling webhooks.

Previously, I made Beard CSS, and have recently worked on tons of cool projects.

I just gave a well-received talk at the inaugural Laracon Australia 2018.

I’m also on a couple of podcasts:

I promise I’m not as scary in real life. Unless you’re fighting me in the cage or talking trash about my code.

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