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Visual and Audible PHPUnit Feedback with Blink(1)

One day, I was running a long test suite and found myself constantly flipping back and forth between my terminal and text editor. I realized I did this all the time and wondered if there was an easy way to be notified when the test suite finished. I found it in a little USB light called blink(1) and it turns out it’s really simple to set up.

Headed to Microconf 2017

Taking a huge step towards gaining the software business-sustaining knowledge I need.

Presenters in Laravel

Displaying data in your application gets messy if you have to show it in multiple contexts. Decorating them can be a good solution.

Tools For Entrepreneurs

The only tools I care about are the ones which allow me to build products with the least friction as possible.


A story about a side project turned labor of love. PushSilver has taught me so much about building minimal products for niche markets.

Catch-All View Routing in Laravel

Allow designers and front-end developers to see their templates in the context of a Laravel app without creating controllers.

Command Buses and Simple Redirects

Frustrations on a design pattern touted as a best practice in PHP.

Laravel Tip: Random Model Scopes

How to Install the New Laravel Installer Terminal Client

Post Receive Hooks on Webfaction

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