David Hemphill

2018 in Review

A recap of the most-memorable things in the year.

Visual and Audible PHPUnit Feedback with Blink(1)

One day, I was running a long test suite and found myself constantly flipping back and forth between my terminal and text editor. I realized I did this all the time and wondered if there was an easy way to be notified when the test suite finished. I found it in a little USB light called blink(1) and it turns out it’s really simple to set up.

View Presenters in Laravel

Displaying data in your application gets messy if you have to show it in multiple contexts. Decorating them can be a good solution.

Tools For Entrepreneurs

The only tools I care about are the ones which allow me to build products with the least friction as possible.

Catch-All View Routing in Laravel

Allow designers and front-end developers to see their templates in the context of a Laravel app without creating controllers.