David Hemphill

2020 in Review

A brief recap of the infamous year of the pandemic.

Announcing Valet Lite

A new macOS application for serving your Laravel and Wordpress applications.

2019 In Review

Updates on Laravel Nova, Chipper CI, and life itself.

Small Wins

It’s easy to forget to stop and celebrate the small wins, especially when it seems like everyone else is doing much better. But by forgetting those tiny victories, are we robbing ourselves of happiness?

Mechanical Keyboards

I’m in love with keyboards and I’m not afraid to share it.

Why Build X When Y Exists?

There are many reasons people keeping reinventing the wheel. Here’s a few of mine.

2018 in Review

A recap of the most-memorable things in the year.

Tools For Entrepreneurs

The only tools I care about are the ones which allow me to build products with the least friction as possible.