Everyday Carry

Phone: Apple iPhone 12 (Mini, Black)

(I'm an unapologetic Apple fanboy, so lets' get these first three items out of the way).

I missed the size and hand-feel of my iPhone 5S, so I decided to go with the smaller form factor this upgrade cycle. After having used the normal and "plus-sized" models in the past, this device is a joy to have in the pocket. My only real issues with it are:

  1. The battery life sucks compared to the other models.
  2. At this smaller size, my typing accuracy has taken a hit.
  3. I kinda miss the telephoto lens, but not a lot.

Yes, I'm a loser and I have a case on it most of the time. Get over it.

Wallet: Apple Leather Wallet (Black)

This little thing sticks to the back of my phone magnetically, holds my ID and a credit card, and that's it. That's all I need it to do most days. The magnet is very strong, so I never worry about it falling off. It's also stylish enough to be carried on its own.

Watch: Apple Watch Series 4 (Silver Aluminum)

I grabbed a first-gen Apple Watch when they came out, and loved the on-wrist utility it provided for things like notifications. When they got dedicated wireless plans, I had to upgrade. I'm several generations behind, but I will upgrade in few years when something more compelling is released.

Sunglasses: Goodr (It's not black it's obsidian)

I have lots of sunglasses, but these stay on my face like no other, and are cheap enough to not be butt-hurt if I lose them. I have other pairs as well I occasionally swap in, but these are my mains.

Knife: The James Brand Elko knife (Bone + Black)

The best knife is the one you have on you. This thing is tiny and sharp as hell. I use it all the time for breaking down boxes, opening packages, and stripping wire. I also have a special-edition Draplin Design Studio edition in orange.

Notebook: Field Notes (Pitch Black Dot-graph)

I don't always carry these, so technically it's not in my every day carry, but it's often enough to be worth mentioning. I prefer the dot-grid notebooks for writing and little doodles.

Pen: Everyman Grafton Pen (Black)

As with my Field Notes, I don't carry it every day, but often enough to be worth mentioning. It has an aluminum case and can take Pilot G2 refills (which just happen to be my favorite pen). You can also purchase Everyman's own refills which are quite good as well.

What items do you consider essential in your everyday carry? Let me know on Twitter.

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